Science and Technology Museums

A museum of museums found in the internet. This is a very individual collection of museums which are worth a visit. The museums listed here are into history of science and technology. Some of these museums exist only virtually, but they all have interesting collections. Just look in and browse.
The Deutsches Museum is the world-famous classic collection among the museums which cover the history of science and technology. Not only the website is a rich treasure of information, also the exhibition is worth a visit. Whenever you come to Munich/Germany, do not miss the opportunity to check this outstanding collection.
In Bonn, the Deutsches Museum has opened a branch to the public in order to display more objects of their collection. Unfortunately, the museum has to be very chosy, as they own much more items than they can display.
For the Science Museum in London, the same arguments hold as for the Deutsches Museum. It is an extraordinary rich collection of documents and objects of the history of science and technology.
The Musée des Arts et Metiers in Paris is not so famous among the European technical museums. This is not justified at all, as it is a very good collection, which can compete by richness with the Deutsches Museum or the Science Museum. Since 2000, the newly renovated exhibition again is open to the public. Although comparatively small, the collection on display is outstanding.
The Smithsonian Institution collects historical and technical documents and objects. Some branches of the Smithsonian cover the history of science and technology. For sure, this is one of the world's largest collections; always worth a visit.
The history of the bicycle.
Inventors' museum, biographies and related topics. A forum and support for inventors are also provided (charge).
A computer museum
The computer museum of the University of Virginia
A slide-rule museum
A museum that covers the history of plastics and other artificial materials. The museum is run by the plastics material company Sandretto that made pioneer work.
The virtual rubber museum covers the history of culture and science of a strange material. The museum has some exhibition halls and provides a rubber encyclopeadia. English version is under construction.
Sulabh International Museum of Toilets - nothing to add - except:
... the, historic section!
  a screw-pull museum

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